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In conventional grills there is a possibility of

occurrence of carcinogenic substances.


These materialize by decomposition of dropping fat under high temperature heat while using wood coal.

Along with the burned gas, the food is contaminated back

in the final effect.


With our grill the fireplace is allocated aside in the body to enable fat dropping down into the bottom plate.

Due to this your meal will stay naturally tasteful without any malignant substances.





Preparing food by using Jet Grill is quick and easy.

First step is to load the side fireplace with wooden barbecue charcoal and set it into flame. 

As a next step, blow up heat up the blaze and allow the air

to flow through to fire up.

After 15 minutes you can start grilling.


You can easily and quickly clean the overall surface and additional removable equipment after you have finished grilling.






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Long testing and development of our product,


ensures perfect grilling experience you easily fall in love with.



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