Jet Grill revolution 7 reasons...

The base genesis idea developed from observing jet planes

with overwhelming feeling to own one piece of the jet at least.

Furthermore the goal was to fulfill not the decorating

expectation only but also the practical usage of it as ... such and the Jet Grill was created.


How does Jet Grill work?



Clever and simple principle of heating up of cold air which makes it flowing up and rotating the turbine. 

Side fireplace makes grilling healthy and the inside heat replaces too often used unreliable food rotation systems. On top there is no need of additional source of energy to make the grill work.






… why to buy Jet Grill


 -healthy grilling

 - innovative design
 - high quality - 100% produced in Czech rep.
 - long life warranty on functionality
 - simple operation
 - no failed components
 - easily to maintain

Jet Grill yellow



 Jet Grill is entirely made of high quality steel.


Each part has been designed from sketch, each part is made of a material, 

that meets high requirements as to the strenght and performance.


Only in this way, we can guarantee the quality of our product,

which will make you happy, like a usable grill or unique decoration.




Jet Grill allows you to enjoy your barbecue party wherever you may need.



Jet Grill revolution